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    Zinc could help improving the effects of tinnitus?

    Hi Rick! I take zinc along with some other suplements like Vit D or fish oil but just to help my imunity. I was prescribed by two different ENT with corticoids, ginko biloba, vitamins and other's and nothing diminuished the loudness or the distress. My neuro surgeon, and my current ENT have the...
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    Welcome New Members

    Welcome John! Glad to know that you're back on track and recovering well! Could you find something in your habituation process in particular that in your case could possible made a positive change in the way that you passed from severe depression to a habituation state?
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    Evaluating current status

    Hi David! Thanks for your answer and video! :) After viewing your video i realized that by not describing the all picture of my situation i probably skew your answer. I thought that it was best not to create a type 'apocalyptic reditt forum' describing everything with every bit of detail... but...
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    Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

    Did you have to use earing devices every day? Could you explain better all the process? Thanks
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    Evaluating current status

    Hello, @David, i would like to know your thought's based on you full experience about this: I've started having tinnitus from 3 month's, one thing i notice is that the sense of loudness is gradually increasing, for example, before i would travel by car or stay in outdoors and not noticing it...
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    Welcome New Members

    Hi, my name is Nuno and i love the work you do in helping, sending positive and also challenging thoughts as a way to improve all the tinnitus people's life who follow your videos.