Tinnitus after sinusitis, with phlegm rising through the middle ear tube


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Hello everyone, about a year ago, I had a sinus infection and the phlegm rose up the tube into the inner ear, I felt a lot of pain and rushed to the hospital. After injections and antibiotics, the tinnitus remained in the left ear. I didn't know this symptom existed.

After magnetic resonance imaging, audiometry, "everything was normal." The cause was not found. I took several massages and supplements. Science knows nothing. I perhaps intend to risk an intrapanic injection of dexamethasone, but it could get worse, I end up afraid. It's not easy to deal with tinnitus. My life changed upside down. It is impressive how backward our science is, little research and little technological advancement. We have ourselves to help ourselves.
Hello, I'm thinking about using Lions Mane, they say that this supplement helps a lot in some cases, has anyone tried it?