Getting Better


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Hello there, just checking in to say that with time, i'm getting better.
After almost 11 months, i'm getting into a better place, not out of the woods yet, but better.

David is telling the truth when he says that over time, tinnitus gets better.
We just have to survive during the ride to let our brain heal in is time.

I'm not healed yet, i'm still a suferer, but hope is invading my heart.

Keep stronger, no matter how hard your tinntius is at the moment, there will come a time where everything will be better.
In this 11 months i saw people say that they will never are going to get better, and then, suddenly, their tinnitus improved.
Keep hope, our brains will find a way to heal.

That feels very similar to the way I felt at 11 months. It was also about the time I started making videos. When do we see your first video? :)