Low Frequency Tinnitus


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My tinnitus is a very low frequency sound in my left ear. When it first started I thought the neighbors air conditioning unit was acting up but it was actually my ear. It had happened when i had an episode called Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss. Luckily i rushed to the ENT and with steroids was able to regain the hearing in that ear but was left with the tinnitus. Curios if anyone else deals with low frequency tinnitus. I hardly hear it now unless I am in a very quiet room. The sound is still there but my brain has tuned it out in most surroundings. Also curious if any of that was due to my ear healing from the SSHL. Anyways, the key for me was 6 months of tinnitus retraining therapy (trt) as well as the mindfulness training i did with a therapist.
I don’t have a lot of experience with the low frequency. But I sure appreciate you starting a new thread and helping to get some topics going here. Thank you very much! It does seem that the same techniques can be used to learn to tune out the noise and get back to a normal life. I’m sure someone else will come along and see the thread and appreciate what you shared.
Yes! I was able to get to a much better place and can really relate to that struggle of not being able to think of anything else and feeling hopeless. And then I was able to get some help in areas where there have been good results. (TRT and mindfulness).