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Hi everyone, my name is Josh I’m 37-year-old male I just like to share my story and if anybody has anything to suggest I’m open to it. In 2019 I had gotten Covid when it first came around and developed eustachian tube dysfunction. That’s when I had developed clicking and crackling in my ears had gone and seen ENT but since I didn’t have any fullness or loss of hearing it was just something that I had to live with And I eventually was OK with it. Fast forward to September 2022. I had woken up at 4:30 in the morning the slight hissing high-pitched ring in my right ear or soon I thought it was but it was more of in the middle of my head .

As someone with a panic disorder, this was very distressing. I spent one night in ER two days later, and has been suffering ever since. things have gotten better. I feel as though I have habituated but not fully ,my issue is I get these constant pings of fleeting tinnitus, where my right ear mostly sometimes my left will feel like it goes deaf for second gets a loud ping For about 30 seconds to a minute and then goes back to normal hissing. This has stopped me from completely habituating, there are some days or even a week where I feel as though I can only hear it when I lay my head down on my pillow, or “focus” on it which I am grateful for , but then when the weather gets bad it ramps up and it’s very hard for me to deal with . when there is an impending storm or rain or overcast, or any rapid change of air pressure, I feel as though my ears can’t regulate pressure I have gone to an ENT a couple, and have ruled out any severe issues with an MRI and a CAT scan. The only thing I can think of is my eustachian tubes are junk and I’m considering eustachian tube dilation, but I also understand this may never go away, and I can learn to eventuate to it, but the fluctuation is what stresses me the most, or the fear of it getting way worse than what it is.

Sorry, if this rambled on, I figure more information the better, if anyone has any advice or have gone through similar symptoms as I I would love to hear it. These communities, well, the positive ones really do help, sleeping is another big issue of mine when I have my weather spikes I’m afraid of wearing earbuds all night long as I don’t want to end up with hearing loss.

Thank you for taking the time to read. I’m sure I left stuff out and thank you to Dave for introducing me to this forum. I hope you guys and girls have a great day.
Hi there and welcome. I also suffer from etd. What I do is massage mg
Fave like
Push the bone under your eye to your ears. It works.
Hey Josh, welcome
I'm sorry u are dealing with that situation, and i do hope you get better over time.
The cause of my tinnitus is way different (hearing loss and accoustic trauma), but i find very helpfull Vitamine D for general anxiety managment, and Magnesium glicinate and melatonin for improving the sleep.
Hi Josh, welcome to our little space.
I'm still a relative newbie myself - I haven't quite hit two years yet.
I can relate to the going deaf for a second/loud pinging thing - I get exactly the same thing every now and then. Even though I think I have a very different form of tinnitus to you (I do have a mild hearing loss on one side, can still hear speech fine.)The pinging scared me at first but I've grown used to it over time (like sneezing or having a twinge of back pain occasionally.) We all have different forms and initial causes of tinnitus but I reckon we have a lot in common as well - most of us do seem to be improving with time. My tinnitus fluctuates wildly but I'm getting used to its ups and downs and I find that the less I react to a spike or fluctuation the quicker it seems to resolve itself. Thanks for sharing your experience, I think It helps us all.